Using storytelling to enhance your life

The Concept

Life lessons are easy to share. Everywhere we listen people are telling us to “work hard” and “be patient,” or to “be more confident.”

Now, the problem isn’t that these lessons and platitudes are wrong.

The problem is that they’re hard to understand.

Just hearing the advice isn’t enough to…

“There’s always another trap.”

Shari’s words whispered in the thief’s mind, and he hesitated before he slunk across the last few feet of rooftop and through the open window. It would be appropriate, he thought, for him to remember his teacher’s first tenet on his last job. Fitting.

Because he…

The prince, the priestess, the alchemist and the alchemist’s apprentice left Duali by the western gate.

It was early morning. The sun started to rise over the shardlands in the east. They put their backs to it and traveled west, across the sands.​

For six days, Sullam’s blessing was with…

Shari, street hawk to the dust lord Bandar el-Zaki, watched the young thief weave through the crowd. Anakar’s sun-baked streets were thronging with people, here to celebrate the new year and the changing of the seasons at the ancient festival of Ramsalla.

She saw the moment the young man chose…

Jack Dolinar

Like if Peter Pan grew up enough to be dangerous. Writer, adventurer, meditator and friend. I wish I knew how to sword fight, but don’t we all?

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